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Congratulations on the Success of Windun at CIAACE 2018 YASN

Ready to go
At 10 o'clock on the morning of June 30, 2017, Windun’s 10 sets of exhibition vehicles and support vehicles were assembled, and they were ready to participate in the Guangzhou Exhibition held from July 1st to 3rd

Live at the exhibition
During the three-day exhibition, the people who came to visit Windun’s booth were in a constant stream. Everyone showed great interest in our electric tailgate, the hot product of the industry. Many customers expressed their intention to sign on the spot.

Well-Deserved Award 
Among the [China Top 100 Automotive Electronics Brands 2017] announced by the CIAACE, Shenzhen Aimin Yingdun Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. won the top 50 recommended brands!

Media Attention
At the exhibition site, Guangdong TV interviewed Zhu Yong, general manager of Windun, and he talked about the current development trend of the electric tailgate industry.

At the China Municipal Agency and Service Providers Conference sponsored by Windun, the venue was full of seats. General Manager Zhu Yong gave a speech on the theme of “How to do well in the electric tailgate business” and won the high recognition of the guests present. At this conference, Windun joined forces with seven electric tailgate manufacturers with independent R&D and production capabilities to form the China Association of Power Tailgate Industry

On the scene of the Windun booth, 5 beautiful showgirls came to help out, there is always a dish for you. The graceful figure of the models attracted many male visitors stop to watch. The editor is also honored to get the WeChat of the beauties, how about you?

Hardworking staff
For the three-day exhibition, all the staff of Windun are dedicated and warmly welcome everyone who came to visit and patiently answer the questions of customers.

Factory visit
During the exhibition, Windun arranged many customers to visit the factory in Shenzhen, so that customers have a more intuitive understanding of our overall R&D and production strength. Customers are very confident and assured about our products, and we also hope that the factory will continue to maintain high standards of research and development and production quality.

The exhibition was a great success. Thanks to the visitors for your trust and support; and thanks to our devoted staff, thank you for your hard work! Thank you, with your all the way, our company will set sail and start a new chapter!

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